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Revision One.

 Release Date Sept. 19, 2001


When the first edition of this "cd book" was released I was simply blown away. Here we have the new edition with over 96 new compact disc titles. This book is great for the collectors/traders of Elvis import cd's AND vinyl (with over 103 vinyl titles with full artwork, 322 vinyl scans to be exact!). With this release have the complete artwork (1447 high quality images) and information on most every import cd imaginable! You get the complete track listing, pertinent information to the particular release, such as sound quality, label, release date, venue, and much more! You can also cross reference which shows are on different cd's, as well as a very spiffy section on celebrity introductions. Scott has gone above and beyond with this revision as he has also added 725 individual newspaper articles from the 70-77 "Live years". I sat mesmerized for hours looking at all the different newspaper clippings that Scott has included on this wonderful release. The greatest thing about this book is that it is all self contained on ONE cd-rom, no hassles! This is a MUST have for every Elvis fan who is into Import CD/Vinyl. You will not be sorry, I give you my personal guarantee! 

To find out more information on this book, or to purchase please visit Scott Daughtry's great site at:


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